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GGSN/P-GW Integrated System

vMVNO-GW: Advantage

Mobile service tailored to customer needs

vMVNO-GW supports a variety of highly flexible services that meet customer needs such as:
"Providing total traffic restriction service per user."
"Expanding service to target as many companies as possible.", "Providing services that use a large number of IP addresses, such as M2M."
With its unique features including virtual APN, total traffic restriction and DPI, vMVNO-GW together with related MVNO solutions enables MVNOs to implement many value added services.

Optimizing CAPEX and OPEX

MNO's wholesale cost is the major operational expenditure for MVNO and balancing it is the key to sustainable MVNO business.
vMVNO-GW has the capability to control and optimize usage of network capacity leased from MNO to help create profitable MVNO business environment.
vMVNO-GW is highly flexible, cost-effective solution with two types of form factor available for small to large scale deployment.

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